All to know concerning a wedding

Executive weddings are done at country house wedding venues.

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Available literature shows that an average of $29,000 cost is appropriate for such executive weddings. Here is how the cash can be spent:

·        Church/Officiant fee
·        Reception site Rental
·        Food and plates
·        Photographer
·        Flowers
·        Cake
·        Rings
·        Dress/Tux
·        Band/Entertainment

What is the wedding?

A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united to become one/marriage. Wedding customs and traditions vary from one culture, ethnic group, religion, country, class to another. However, a wedding is all about the exchange of vows between two loved ones, gift presentations, and the public inauguration of the marriage by a certified figure/leader. At the wedding, special garments are worn by the bride and the bridegroom, and the ceremony is preceded by a wedding reception. Poetry, recitation, entertainment, and religious readings from religious books are incorporated. 

How does a bride prepare for a wedding?

The bride is the central figure in a marriage ceremony. As such, adequate preparation must be done to ensure that the wedding is exceptional and memorable. Preparation entails personal and wedding preparation. 

Personal Preparation

The bride wedding personal preparation entails:

·        Paying monetary debts
·        Pay off forgiveness gifts
·        Make restoration where necessary
·        Update tithes
·        Give imprudent excesses to the poor
·        Make out a will 

Wedding preparation 

Bride wedding preparation entails:

·        Taking a shower
·        Pick out required clothing
·        Wash clothes
·        Ironing Clothes
·        Dressing up appropriately
·        Putting on the belt
·        Putting on the Bridal Veil
·        Getting ready and watching 

What planning is needed for a wedding? 

Here are three months wedding ceremony-planning checklist.

By the last three-month quarter towards the wedding day, ensure:

·        You have finalized honeymoon plans with appropriate documents in order
·        Plan wedding and reception seating
·        Pilot your hair and veil style
·        Finalize readings and readers 

By the second last month:

·        Start writing vows
·        Finalize on the seating arrangements
·        Apply for a marriage license
·        Finalize party and parents fittings 

Remaining a month:

·        Pack for the honeymoon
·        Pick the ordered wedding rings
·        Pick a marriage license
·        Write thank you notes for gifts received 

A week remaining:

·        Prepare your wedding day emergency kit
·        Layout wedding clothes
·        Prepare vendors and servicemen payments
·        Give readers scripts 

A day before the wedding:

·        Ensure all welcome baskets are delivered
·        Attend wedding rehearsal
·        Have fun at rehearsal dinner
·        Sleep earlier enough 

On the D-Day

·        Take good breakfast
·        Issue wedding rings to officiant with a fee
·        Relax, smile and enjoy every moment 

Why is wedding planning important? 

Earlier planning and preparations for a wedding is essential as it ensures that:

·        All required stuff input in order
·        Avoid stress and anxieties
·        Eases the mind while heading the big day
·        Ensures that you are present in every moment of the wedding 

What happens at a wedding? 

Here are the events taking place at the wedding:

·        Photo taking
·        Entertainment
·        Serving guests' food
·        The last hour of the wedding is characterized by tossing the bride bouquet, followed by the groom's.
·        Recitation of Vows 

In summary, a wedding is an essential festival that leads to uniting couples to be one. Adequate preparation, as such, determines the excellence of this event in entirety.