ASU College Student Lights Up the Night With Skateboard Accessory

Greg Rudolph is a college or university elderly and honors student at Arizona State University’s Watts. P. Carey School of Business and the Barrett Honors College. He is the 20 something that happened after a business idea which is now balancing the roles of school student and entrepreneur as his business lights up! Skateboard Accessories

Walking around campus one night in December of 2011, Rudolph noticed a fellow student’s skateboard, with the underside lit up. It can be in his genes-Greg’s parents are both solopreneurs and his cousin works a dog-walking business in New York City. Irrespective of genetics or maybe the family environment, starting an enterprise while in school was not on his radar, but having been impressed by what he saw. Skateboarding at night at ASU is pretty common, but doing it with lights was new. When Greg asked to see how the student made the plank, the skateboarder showed him Christmas lights and a battery pack duck documented to the bottom. Greg recognized this as the that was ripe for better design, and a simple Google search that evening came up empty for practical commercialized products. Because he headed brand name the holidays, Greg tucked everything in the back of his mind. 

By Drive of 2012, Greg discovered that his employer within the past four high seasons had closed, eliminating his chances for an assured summer job. Thinking that starting the skateboard light business would be controllable, Greg decided to use the summer to start the new company.

Selecting to consider it one day at a time, using the with a name- Board Blazers LED Underglow Skateboard & Scooter Lamps. Now was the logo design, then locating a company for his specialized design, followed by building the site. He didn’t have an enterprise plan and in many ways that worked to his advantage-if he acquired considered the magnitude of what he was attempting to do, he may have been scared off.

Throughout this process, Yahoo was Greg’s key specialist. He found almost all of what he needed online, from a manufacturer in Chinese suppliers to ramping up on SEO for his website and making PR. While a business major, Greg also had the important possibility to get in touch with his professors. That they contributed to optimizing his Facebook marketing campaign, creating a cost structure and understanding new product development.

Both biggest hurdles for Board Blazers were getting the lender to allow Greg to open a company accounts and making sales. The bank finally got earlier his age, but 3 weeks into his kick off, Greg said, “it was kind of scary that nothing happened right away. ” Sales finally started in when his marketing efforts to excite the media materialized with tales on Fox News, The Orange County Register magazine, and the American Exhibit Open Forum site (to name a few). Points found quickly from there and profits soon exceeded earnings from his past summer job. Today (less than a year after launch), Board Blazers are sold over the web and Amazon in 8 countries and in more than 40 states.

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