Bag Options For Parents and Kids

If you have kids you it will seem to be like you desire a bag for each and every occasion. These bags include diaper carriers, backpacks, “busy/fun” bags, toiletry bags, luggage and even back up bags in the car. best briefcases

Diaper Bags- Before your baby is even born you should have a diaper tote packed and ready for the drive home from a healthcare facility after birth. This bag should include a few new baby diapers, wipes, hat, mittens, extra clothing, nail clippers, Neosporin for circumcisions, burp cloth, bottle and travel formula unless you are breastfeeding. 

Backpacks or “busy/fun bags”- these sorts of bags come in convenient when your kids are a little bit elderly and need to be distracted. Items to use in this bag are snacks, favorite toys, lovie, coloring books and colors, foundations, video games, an etch-a-sketch or any type of other item that the kids enjoying playing with.

Toiletry Bags- When spending the night at grandma’s or a friends you will need to have a toiletry bag of some kind filled with overnight necessities. Those essentials include shampoo, any remedies your kids may be taking, nail clippers, diaper allergy cream, lotion, band supports, Neosporin, hair brush, rinse cloth and i also even recommend sunscreen because you never know if they may need it and it is always good to get into the habit of holding it with you and using it to protect your kids skin.

Luggage- It is so sweet to get a little one proud of their own luggage and thrilled about their adventure to grandma’s house. If you choose to monogram I actually would strict to premier only to deter other people from being able to call out your children’s name. When packing their overnight bag include things like pajamas, extra clothing, shoes, toiletry bag, favorite movie, favorite book, favorite toy, their lovie or blanket and of course lots more diapers and wipes.

A Back up Bag- I always have a back up carrier packed and ready in my car in circumstance plans change at the last minute. It consists of snacks, clothing, shoes, catalogs, movies, toys, a quilt, first-aid kit, diapers, baby wipes, another bottle and sippy cup and necessary stop your puppy biting tools for on the go.

As a new parent you can choose which kind of bag suits the needs of your child but it is always best to well prepared for the unexpected when it comes to motherhood.

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