The envidraçamento de sacada the apartments are commonly associated with the moment of disengagement by their contact with the external environment.

Be it for rest or for celebrations with friends, be coveted and appreciated by those who acquire an apartment. There are those who prefer, however, to create a form of isolation, with greater comfort and coziness.

And still making the area an extension of the living room. Check out the advantages of closing your bags with the care to be taken by those who want to make this reform!

Benefits of closing balconies with glass


1. Comfort and well-being

The closure of the balconies allows them to be protected both from wind, pollution and external noise characteristic of large cities.  The systems prevent the entry of wind, rain, sea, dust and dirt, contributing to create an even more comfortable environment, which can be used at all times of the year.

2. Gain space in the apartment

In many developments, the balconies have areas that could be better utilized by the owners of the apartment if they had protection.  The closure of balconies with glass allows them to become part of the living area of ​​the apartment, receiving appropriate decoration and a more intense use by the residents in many cases.

3. System Installation

The system can be installed at any time of the construction of the property, or at any later time.  The location for the installation of the system must be analyzed by a professional, and the windows can present different configurations, according to the preferences and the use that will be given to this space.  Safety glasses such as laminated glass or safety-tempered glass should ideally be used. At Rede e Cia Glass you find the best glass options for your balcony. Enjoy! Maintenance of balconies with glassThe closure of balconies with glass brings benefits to the environment, however, being a mechanical device, requires constant maintenance. This is because materials can deteriorate over time, as they are exposed to external agents such as sun, rain and wind.

Do not let dirt accumulate on your balcony.

This is very important! Not only for the aesthetics, but also for the conservation of the balcony windows. Therefore, periodically clean the glazing and rails, removing the dust and any existing dirt.  This care maintains the zeal, avoids stains, scratches and other unforeseen, in addition to extending the life of your balcony with glass.

Handle the glass sheets correctly

Doing so avoids problems in bearing parts and seals, as well as facilitating the sliding of the sheets along the rails, preventing them from jamming. The proper way of opening is by unlocking the balcony, supporting the sheet by the unsealed part.  Applying light force until it follows its 90 degree bend, accompanying the bearing of the glass. This is the opening process, which must be done step by step, very carefully!

Check the closure of balconies with glass


The care recommended above ensures better conservation of the glazed porch, but it is advisable to hire a professional in the area for a periodic evaluation. Preferably every year, even if there is no apparent damage.

Types of maintenance for glass balcony

1. Corrective: makes the repairs after the identification of apparent malfunctions;2. Preventive: prevention of defects, that is, before they happen;3. Predictive: it is also preventive, being taken precautions against equipment or systems failures, being monitored by several parameters;4. Detective: its objective is to detect hidden or hardly perceived faults in the operation and maintenance of the object.



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