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Botanicula Game

Botanicula pc game review

Botanicula’s tale is as imaginative just like its visuals, telling the story of 5 creatures inhabiting in a tree that is created by a falling star. It is a cool tree, one that is bestowed with glowing life force, making it very attractive to a swarm of hungry parasites which seek to have a share of the tree. As the parasites commence their vicious act, the 5 friends get themselves thrown in a battle to salvage their homes as well as the lives of the other inhabitants of that place. But as a fact, they are not heroes; they are only but creatures with basic reasons that they are working up and down to survive. To add on it, they are just a mushroom, an acorn, a seed, a twig, and a feather, hardly the most considered intimidating of all groups to the spider-like towering parasites.Botanicula

However, like many stories, this is rather a situation of brains and not really brawn one commences the adventure at the cliff of the tree. The leaves are pretty green with its branches being filled up with all manner of fruits as well as sprouting mushrooms. The music here is awesome. But a bulbous fly is lying directly in the path, one that lucks the feather-like wings it requires to take off. The fly pathetically and painfully tries to move highlight your task. Indeed, a tick of Botanicula is its capability to guide through without rather thorough instruction. Little animations such as the barely moving fly, visual cues e.g. hieroglyphs etched to a branch, and audio cues do a wonderful work of highlighting puzzles as well as solutions in more easy ways.gameplay

Clearly one must explore forth and find out the three feathers. To get them, one has to work out some puzzles. Similarly in Machinarium, a number of the ways out are on the single screen, or at most within a set of levels. Few fetch quests are available. There are no long-winded conversed trees for one to decipher. Often it is basically a puzzle of clicking the available options in the right format, finding out the right path to follow as well as interacting differently with objects by pushing, swinging, or just squeezing them. A barking bug secures one of the available feathers that one tends to seek. The first few clicks my not cause any impact however, it will make the bug bark more, what a journey this could be, taking one from the top of the precious tree with its feather finding tasks, to a community of blobs that try to find chickens to enable them power their helicopter, to all the way to the tree’s most darkest roots with firefly infested surroundings


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