Building a House Extension in Sequence

The primary cause for failures in building a residence extension is a loss of accurate undertaking planning ensuing in things being finished out of collectionloft conversions in Harlow

Like whatever, you cannot begin at the pinnacleor even halfway before you’ve got completed the bottom which holds all of itby way of “out of collection” i’m now not speakme about laying foundations before placing the roof on an extension.

The number one troubles in doing a constructing mission are:

1) incorrect undertaking planning sequence

2) inadequate project management

3) A loss of substances foresight (now not understanding when and wherein and what some thing needs to be geared up)

conventional, 10m x 3m facet return residence extension need to take handiest 10 weeks from the factor of breaking ground.

In London, the traditional constructing organization will take everywhere from four-6 months constructing a small houseextension. this is a ways too long and normally outcomes in disenchanted and a shortage of price range for each the customer and builder.

Examples i have seen of bad challenge planning:

no longer strolling water and electrical mains earlier than laying the ground.
Laying the ground earlier than installing windows.
putting in a staircase (for double story extensions) after laying the ground and plastering the partitions
Plastering the partitions earlier than all electrics had been installed.
the answer is truely to think beforehand. One needs simplest to foresee what will interrupt or damage what one is set to constructi’ve visible builders break an entire wall of a house extension simplest because the production supervisorwould now not wait three extra days for a few piping to be added.

quick-cuts in constructing paintings are not low-cost. A residence extension is just like building a residence of Legos. One step at a time, one alternate at a time.

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