How to Break in High Heel Shoes

Your latest high heel shoes resemble fantastic and are the latest style. You can’t abide to wear them, but there’s just one problem. They’re hard and uncomfortable to walk in. New shoes usually require to be broken in when first bought, and high heels are no limitation. Learn how to break in high heel shoes with these essential tips.

Wear them during the day. The first step to breaking in a new pair of high heel shoes is only to wear them often. The more usually you wear your heels, the more of an opportunity your heels have to stretch and adjust to your feet.

# To avoid the discomfiture and potential danger of wearing the latest high heel shoes while out and on, start by wearing your shoes at home. You can wear them while watching television or folding laundry. You can wear them when cooking dinner.

# You can more take your heels with you to work. If you have an office job, wear your shoes at your desk for several hours. 

# Once you feel comfy wearing and walking short lengths in your heels, take them out. Wear them on a short trip to the grocery shop or to your local bank.

Carry your heels with socks. Although this is considered a fashion faux pas, wearing socks with your new heels will help to break them in. You don’t have to wear them while you’re out and about, except, of course, you actually like the look of it. You can wear them while you’re hanging out at home, or while you’re sitting at your desk at work.

# In order for your socks to expand your shoes properly, they can’t be too thin and they can’t be too thick. A regular, everyday sock will do simply fine.

# Do this for a few days and you’ll notice that you are blister-free and your shoes are broken in, having molded to the shape of your foot.

Bend and wrap them. You can work out the stiffness of your new heels by bending also twisting them. Apply small pressure as you bend the shoes upwards also downwards and twist them side to side. Don’t do either method too hard or too promptly. You don’t want to force the shoe into a position that it shouldn’t be making. Doing so could harm the shoe or weaken it in places that should remain sturdy.

Blast your heels with heat. Heat is an efficient way to soften a substance and make it more pliable. Carefully warm your heels handling a blow dryer or a small heater for about a minute or two. Watch how your heels respond to the heat because certain materials don’t do so well under heat for extended periods of time. You can bend and twist your heels while they’re still warm. Or you can wait till they’ve cooled and put them on with a set of socks to stretch them.

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