Japanese Green Tea Powder – The Real Scoop

Japanese people Green Tea Powder is becoming the option for more and more people each day. That is because we are becoming more proficient and health conscious. The most important thing you need to become aware of is the truth there is a huge difference in the standard of various green tea choices. https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Turmeric-Tea-Powder-Supplement/dp/B019KWBIGI

Simply because the tea you purchased at the local store has pretty packaging will not mean it is the top quality. Advertising should be questioned as well, since they will explain just about anything to get you to purchase. 

It will be easy to do your own research by identifying the cause and quality of exactly what is being offered… before you buy. A few start here with a little little bit of tea history.

This is important for 2 reasons:

You want to receive the finest possible health benefits.
You don’t want to spend your money on what I call ‘junk food’ green tea.
What is not commonly known is green tea has recently been known as ‘King of all Herbs’ in Chinese language culture for over 4, 000 years due to its many medicinal uses. It’s also the only herb recommended for daily use and is considered one of the several necessities of Chinese life.

It has been expanded in Japan for many hundreds of years. Generally there are less heavy chemicals and pesticides applied to tea farms in Japan than in China. This will have an effect on the quality of your tea, so look for farms that grow their tea naturally.

Why Can be Green Tea Powder the Best Choice?

Matcha leaves have been stone earth into a powder for centuries. This was the tea widely used at the Japanese Tea Ceremonies. Generally there are now farms in Japan offering other dog breeds and blends that are stone ground into renewable tea powder as well. This gives you choices in taste and flavor.

Two Very Important Benefits:

Consuming it in powder form means you’re consuming the whole tea leaf, therefore you are also getting advantages from consuming the fiber and chlorophyll. Most importantly, you are acquiring up to 30% more nutrition and antioxidants because you’re eating the entire tea leaf!
In addition it’s convenient and much easier to drink. The powder snow mixes easily into hot or cold water instantly without the need of steeping.
What to Seem For When Purchasing Green tea supplement Powder

Where is it grown? Look for a farm that grows obviously in a great location that is famous for the tea quality. Location is critical since soil, weather and environment play an important role.
Choose a farm building that hand picks their tea leaves, to guarantee the tea leaf is at its overall peak when harvested. A large number of farms use machines and in addition they can’t discern when the leaf is at their better to pick.
Look for a farm that has experience in stone running. This is an fine art form, if done wrongly the tea becomes burnt off.
And most important of all – make sure it is fresh. Following harvesting, it will lose up to 80% of its antioxidants after it is 1 year old. Tea in your local store, starts off at a low quality, and is typically years old from time of pick.

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