Squidoo Still Holds Power in the SERPs

For most marketers, the social network site Squidoo isn’t really an area of camaraderie and peer-to-peer socialization – really a method for backlinks and branding themselves as experts in their niche. google reverse index

Once Squidoo was still in Beta, word got away about its ability to permit lenses (pages created by Squidoo members) to rank high fast in the search engines. After that the Squidoo Slap happened and thousands of web pages that were once taking over Google fell out of favor with the enormous search results giant. 

Seth Godin and his guys of Squidoo staffers quickly went into action to salvage the reputation of the growing sociable network, alarmed that the black hat tricks of spammers were proving to Google that this might become a virtual dirty rear alley for link sending junk email. The website decided to eliminate iFrames, one of the most employed elements by spammers to trick site visitors. They also nixed a few categories that attracted spammers into the system, such as gambling.

Nearly as quickly as it had happened, the Digg Slap fizzled, and contact lens masters saw a go back of traffic and position panoramic. Now newcomers to Squidoo always hear adventure of the slap and ask, “Is the Hubpages Slap still in impact? ”

The answer is a formidable, “No. inch Squidoo lenses currently have the potential to get indexed almost instantly (within 24-48 hours), with lens outranking many of the more established websites. Component of their success is within how well the zoom lens has been crafted. Yahoo will pick up a lens and allow it to excel in the SERPs (Search Engine Benefits Pages) but once it basically up to par, it will sink back to the bottom of record.

Quality of the contact lens is what’s of extreme importance, and many marketers are actually turning to outside sources to have experts build the zoom lens for them rather than risk their time and energy producing a lens that will not work in the search engines.

Squidoo is a kin to an article directory in that is has a sizable database of content that feeds the hunger of the search engines, but there’s the one thing it’s still lacking, which explains why some lenses rank well yet others don’t.

They may have the high quality police on patrol. Seth Godin made this a social marketing site that welcomes all people with every level of expertise and writing talent. While an article directory can reject articles, Squidoo leaves up to the lens master.

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