Sugar-Free Diet Foods Seem to Cause Adverse Health Problems and Weight Gain

Do you really eat sugar-free diet foods in your quest to lose weight? How effective experience it been for you? You will be surprised to determine that most people do NOT lose weight with sugar-free diets foods. They might even gain weight. In addition, foods that are sugar-free more often than not have unnatural sweeteners added, and this is bad news. Suppliers have gone to great lengths to convince you of the safety of their sugar substitutes, but many studies and many reports by consumers notify another story. weight gain vitamin syrup

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Increased Intake of Unhealthy calories

Artificial sweeteners found in virtually all sugar-free diet foods appear to give you MORE of a sweet tooth, not less, and make people eat more on the whole, not less! This is especially true of beverages like diet sodas, but also true of other sugar-free items. Research that was released to the American Diabetes Association in 2005 confirmed that the opportunity of being overweight actually rises 65% with each diet soft drinks you consume every day! Did you know that? 

Diet Sodas Contain Unnatural Sweeteners plus more Toxic Substances

1 from every 2 grownups drink diet soda pop today, in spite of its set of ingredients that include artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin or sucralose, artificial color and preservatives, phosphoric acid and natural flavors, which inevitably include MSG. Are you perhaps still a diet plan soft drinks drinker? Did you know that preservatives such as sodium benzoate are often carcinogenic, phosphoric acid may cause osteoporosis and higher rates of bone cracks in girls, and natural flavors that contain SIDE EFFECTS OF MSG are known neurotoxins?

Man-made Sweeteners May Cause Human brain Tumors, Mood Disorders and More

In addition, aspartame (NutraSweet(R) and Equal(R)) has been implicated by some scientists and medical specialists in possibly creating serious diseases like brain tumors and lesions. It has also been blamed for all sorts of neurotoxic side effects, such as seizures, headaches, dizziness, feeling disorders, anxiety and more. Saccharin and sodium benzoate are carcinogenic. Sucralose, the new artificial sweetener for diet sodas and many other foods, has not been studied extensively on humans, and concerns have been raised about the possible negative effects of its use on the thymus gland, an appendage that helps the resistant system function properly. Sucralose has also been charged of creating drug-like emotions of disorientation and distress, depression and anxiety, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches and more.

Aspartame Stimulates Appetite & Could cause Weight Gain

Various articles and studies have shown that aspartame in diet sodas and other sugar-free diet foods actually stimulates the appetite and causes carbohydrate cravings. The American Cancer Society has documented that folks who use artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose actually gain more weight than those who do not use them. So if you are utilizing diet soda or other sugar-free diet foods, maybe you are endangering your long term health, and NOT shedding pounds anyways! Therefore, stop using sugar-free diet foods today!

Small Amounts of Herbal Sugars in Diet Better than Artificial Sweeteners

For anyone who is diabetic, you really want to stay from all concentrated sugars until you get better (and certainly, type II diabetes can in fact go away if you do the right things health wise, like getting enough sleep, reducing stress, exercising, eating right and getting enough vitamins and minerals). If you are not diabetic, small sums of natural sweetenters like evaporated cane juice (found in Rapadura and Succanat), maple syrup and tender honey from bees CERTAINLY NOT fed corn syrup are far better so that you can use in your diet than artificial sweeteners, in my opinion. If you have a hard time keeping away from sugar, you may need to make a larger diet change. Various people find that when they start eating real foods, replace vitamin and mineral deficiencies with those foods and often with whole-food supplements, and ensure they get enough natural healthy proteins and fats, including virgin mobile coconut oil, in their diets, that their sugars cravings slowly disappear.

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